What is "AgriCharisma"?

The AgriCharisma project highlights the TEAM skills that are essential for the success of a new business, especially agro-startups. Creating a team with complementary skills, competencies and roles before starting a business is crucial. Therefore, AgriCharisma emphasises the development of tools, such as online platform with e-course and serious game to connect young people interested in agro-entrepreneurship in order to enable them to assess and develop their skills, enhance their competences and to create effective teams for agro-startups. The aim of the project is to enable young people to reflect on their skills and personality traits to identify which role they can play in founding a team for agro-entrepreneurship. This will play a catalytic role in developing appropriate teams for specific ideas. In addition, they will be better qualified for the challenges of agro-entrepreneurship through specialised entrepreneurial skills development and related tools to assess their progress (skills and competency tests).

The aim

The project aims to empower young people aged 18-30, especially those living in rural areas by targeting youth trainers and educators, guidance counsellors, youth centres, university departments in relevant fields by providing them with innovative educational tools and methods for promoting career development of youth in agro-entrepreneurship.

The results

The project results are:

  • Agricharisma platform for young agro-entrepreneurs;
  • AgriCharisma Digital serious game to assess personality characteristics for Agro-entrepreneurship;
  • E-course on ‘Key skills and personality traits of a strong founding team’;
  • E-course on ‘Development of soft skills useful in agro-entrepreneurship’;
  • Guide for youth trainers and educators on how to implement these innovative Agricharisma tools and methods in their courses.

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