The partnership

CHALLEDU – inclusion | games | education is a non-profit organization that pioneers new models of learning, inclusion and engagement. CHALLEDU is one of the leading R&D experts in game-solutions for education and inclusion. Our team designs and implements playful experiences, games, formal and non-formal educational programs, tools, platforms and applications based on cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary approaches. We focus on 2 main sectors: 


The projects in this sector focus on inclusion and empowerment of marginalized groups, such as people with disabilities, people with health problems (i.e. dementia), older people, NEETs. The aims are: social inclusion, improved employability, development of skills and competencies, advocacy. The emphasis is given to create environments where people with different abilities, cultural backgrounds and skills, and different generations can interact with each other.


We see education as a driver for positive societal, environmental, and innovative change. The projects developed in this sector focus on the promotion of entrepreneurship, STE(A)M education, civic and active citizenship, environmental challenges and agriculture, culture, and sustainable development. Our target groups include young people, adults, students, trainers and educators, professionals and institutions.

Citizens In Power (CIP) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization. CIP aims at the development of different ramifications of entrepreneurship, education and democratic dialogue in Cyprus and abroad. To achieve those targets CIP has established an on-going collaboration with the majority of Cypriot leading universities, NGOs and research organizations in Cyprus, especially for the development of innovative projects and international trainings or seminars as well as for the deployment of pedagogical educational material, by primarily using web platforms and other technological innovations.

DRAMBLYS is a non-profit organisation located in Spain that works for the promotion of social innovation. In DRAMBLYS we combine sociological imagination & inquiry with social creativity and design to approach, explore, and innovate solutions to contribute to sustainable development. Our main programmes and areas of expertise include the following: programme design and evaluation, data visualization and social innovation design, development and management.


In DRAMBLYS, we aspire to serve as an interactive platform and meeting point to exchange, design, inspire and promote social innovation projects and creative alternatives, both globally and locally. We aim to facilitate creative dialogues and cocreate sustainable alternatives and so, to inspire new social entrepreneurs and community leaders & promote sustainable ways of living.

The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre not-for-profit Sp. z o.o. is a private not-for-profit company dedicated to providing agricultural advisory services, strengthening entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas and supporting rural development in general. The company’s main objective is to improve the livelihood of the entire rural population with special attention to rural youth by offering them the best and most professional and personalised agricultural advice, as well as a variety of training and materials relevant to rural actors in the areas of environment, sustainability, food safety, green growth, permaculture, social farming, farm health and safety, precision farming and depending on the context of their own business needs and aspirations. Furthermore, the company, through its statutory activities, aims to combat youth unemployment in rural areas and to promote the improvement of soft skills and meet the growing demand of current employers for cross-cutting skills such as critical and innovative thinking, entrepreneurial mindset and creativity. In addition, the company is involved in non-formal education projects and would like to raise awareness among the general public about the needs of rural society, especially young people from underprivileged backgrounds.

YuzuPulse aims to bring tech innovation closer to the social economy and education. To do so, we accompany non-tech specialists to use accessible and easy-to-design technology. YuzuPulse also aims to encourage social innovation actors to grow at the international level. Starting within Europe and by supporting social innovation actors to go beyond the local and national levels, we wish to foster European cooperation and exchanges of expertise and solutions across borders.

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